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Bonus Perks & Free Product Raffle!

  • Saturday, Jan 15th through  Saturday, Feb 5th at 4 pm!  Get ready for the drawing to win.
  • Bonus Smith hat or wireless speaker with a Smith sunglasses purchase
  • Receive a sports water bottle when you purchase a pair of Sunclouds
  • Get entered into our raffle of a high-end pair of Smith glasses just for coming in and trying a pair on. That easy!
  • The raffle will be drawn Wed. February 16th
SMITH & Suncloud Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

AZ Fly Shop is proud to offer both SMITH and Suncloud polarized fishing sunglasses. A great set of polarized glasses enhances your day on the water by cutting surface glare, allowing you to see fish, clarify where you're stepping in the water plus protecting your eyeballs from that random cast. They are essential fly fishing gear! We have all been fishing in these brands for years and we know both to be the pinnacle of performance and value in polarized,on the water optics. The technology and len options offered by Smith are second to none. "ChromaPop" lens technology optimizes clarity and enhances natural color while their "Photochromic" lens technology reacts to the light hitting the lens by darkening or lightening automatically for optimal vision and clarity. Come by the shop and ask for a demo, tell us what you think and get a raffle ticket to win your own premium SMITH fishing sunglasses. The Suncloud brand offers top notch clarity, polarization and style at a price point under $100. To share our excitement about the arrival of these awesome brands Az Flyshop is going to hook our customers up with some serious bonus perks and a free product raffle. Come by the shop and see what you've been missing.

See The Polarized Difference

Without Polarized Glasses

Water reflection makes it difficult to see the fish & where you are stepping. 

With Polarized Glasses

Polarization cuts the glare, protecting your eyes and allowing you to see the fish.