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White Mountain Streams

What you need to know

At a glance

The Black River, from the East and West Forks high in the White Mountains to the 80 mile long main stem is some of the best moving water in the state. The upper reaches are trout water, once it enters the Apache Reservation it begins to transition into smallmouth bass water. Access on the upper portions is good with many forest service roads meeting the stream. The middle and lower sections of the Black are 4 x 4 only access points, with most requiring a long hike into the canyon to get to the stream. 80 miles with only 10 access points makes this a great place to find solitude and some amazing fishing. Special Use permits are required for the main stem from either the San Carlos or White Mountain Apache tribe depending on what side you enter from. Access may be limited in winter due to snow.

Tip: Strip streamers along the undercut banks or bushy attractors thrown in the white water. Beetles have been a good choice.

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  • Dry Flies
  • Stimulators
  • Elk Hair Caddies
  • Small Ant & Beetle Patterns
  • Euro Jigs
Water Levels
  • Extremely Low
  • Try: Black River (West Fork)
  • Highs: 50’s
  • Lows: 30’s
  • Rain: very likely
  • Pack light!
  • Rod: 7ft 3wt

Mother Nature’s Mood

What to expect

Expect temperatures in the mid-low 50’s during the day and dropping into the low 30’s at night. Rain is likely during this time of the year, so pack accordingly and expect to get wet!

creek fly fishing
The Simms sling pack is perfect for fishing these streams. Light and maneuverable…we love this pack!
We’ve seen a lot success with dry flies like this Elk Hair Caddis.
These streams can get tight so the 7ft 3wt by Douglas may be the perfect rod for them.

Gear worth bragging about

Awesome gear takes your day on the water from great, to frickin’ awesome! We admit it, the gear doesn’t make the angler…but it definitely helps.

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Check the flows before you go!

  • This area has received quite a bit of water lately and has developed into an awesome spot to catch a tug!
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White Mountain Streams


Fishing in the White mountains streams have slowed considerably for the season access will continue to get worse due to snow until spring.

– We are not responsible for your increased obsession to fly fish, and we will do everything we can to help fuel your obsession to fly fish.

is fishing good