Fishing Report

Silver Creek

What you need to know

At a glance

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Water Levels
  • Working on it!
  • Highs: 80’s
  • Lows: 70’s
  • Rain: very likely
  • Just a moment!

Mother Nature’s Mood

What to expect

Expect temperatures in the mid-low 70’s during the day and dropping into the low 60’s at night. Rain is likely during this time of the year, plan accordingly!

creek fly fishing
The Simms sling pack is perfect for fishing these streams. Light and maneuverable…we love this pack!
We’ve seen a lot success with dry flies like this Elk Hair Caddis.
These streams can get tight so the 7ft 3wt by Douglas may be the perfect rod for them.

Gear worth bragging about

Awesome gear takes your day on the water from great, to frickin’ awesome! We admit it, the gear doesn’t make the angler…but it definitely helps.

Check the flows before you go!

  • This area has received quite a bit of water lately and has developed into an awesome spot to catch a tug!