Fishing Report

Mongollon Rim Lakes

What you need to know

At a glance

Lake levels are extremely low this year due to lack of winter and spring snowfall, but fishing should still continue to be good. Chevelon Lake is the exception and completely filled this year, so launching a boat should be fairly easy. As water levels are low, water temps are generally higher. Check the stocking schedule and choose your spot accordingly.

Tip: Willow Springs and Woods Canyon have been fishing great. Pack a rain jacket.

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  • Balance leeches under an indicator
  • Peacock ladies
  • Large streamers
Water Levels
  • Extremely Low
  • Try: Black River (West Fork)
  • Highs: 80’s
  • Lows: 70’s
  • Rain: very likely
  • Your favorite OHV
  • Rod: 9ft 5wt (a 6wt is good for rain/wind)

Mother Nature’s Mood

What to expect

Expect temperatures in the mid-low 80’s during the day and dropping into the low 70’s at night. Rain is likely during this time of the year, but this week’s forecast looks dry!

mongollon fly casting
We hate bugs too. Try something with long sleeves and you won’t fear the itch!
Balance leeches under an indicator has been the go-to set up for the Rim Lakes.
Keep it classic, grab your 9ft 5wt or drop down to a 6wt if it’s windy.

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  • Balance leeches under an indicator has been the go-to set up for the lakes.
  • Grab a 9ft 5wt, but consider something lighter if it’s raining and windy. A 6wt is a good choice.

Check the water before you go!

  • The water levels are low for all of the lakes on the rim but the Arizona Game and Fish have been stocking the lakes steadily, so they are fishing well. 
Is fishing good

Mongollon Rim Lakes


At the Salt River fishing is Very good Trout are being stocked regularly Sonora Sucker fishing is still red hot and bass is still eating small streamers and even nymphs!

Is fishing good