Rod Purchases This December Support Conservation Efforts

For the month of December, 5% of all fly fishing rod purchases will be donated to Arizona Game and Fish for on-the-ground wildlife conservation projects.


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Arizona Fishing Reports

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We’ll let you in on a little secret: fishing reports. If you fish avidly and you don’t use them, you should. And if you’ve never fished and have no idea where to go, or what to use, you should use them too.

Our fishing reports bring together the information you want to have in one place. You’ll find up to date weather forecasts, stocking calendars, water data, and even gear recommendations and suggestions on which flies you should try.

White Mountain Streams

Plenty of hidden spots to discover and the information you need to guide you.

White Mountain Lakes

Find which lakes are fishing well, and get tips on ways to improve your set up.

Mongollon Rim Lakes

The cold water in these spring lakes are home to some of Arizona’s biggest fish.

An Introduction to Fly Tying

Nothing beats catching a fish on the fly, other than catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself. This class is taught by fly tying experts Bob Greco, and others. Stick around afterwards and we will show you our complete fly-tying section along with our fully outfitted starter fly tying kits.