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We love the outdoors and are committed to maintaining and improving our limited water and fisheries resource.


Passion for Learning

We want to inspire growth and fuel the obsession of fly fishing - we organize classes and events so you can receive quality guidance from expert instructors.


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We're driven to support our community -- meet our community friends and explore what we're doing in the Arizona community.


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Our Story

“Phoenix deserves a first class fly shop…”

As a second generation Arizona native, my fondest childhood memories are camping and fishing along Arizona water, and at the age of 7 I picked up fly rod and taught myself to fly fish.

As an adult, I’ve had the opportunity to fly fish around the world, and my heart has always come back to the fly fishing community in Arizona. It’s allowed me to connect with a terrific group of people, and launch AZ Fly Shop.

My favorite place to fish is in Arizona waters, and I believe that Phoenix deserves to have a first class fly shop. That’s why I decided to open AZ Fly Shop; to fuel the obsession of fly fishing in Arizona and to serve, and grow, the fly fishing community here.

— Chris Rich
Co-founder  | Trout Whisperer
Days on the water
…but who’s counting?

Founder’s Note

AZ Fly Shop is a place people come together to tell stories, watch fish porn, and have access to the best fly fishing equipment and flies. We support the obsession of fly fishing, the Arizona community, and the conservation of the outdoors.

Chris Rich
Co-founder | Trout Whisperer


We are committed to serving and growing the fly fishing community in Arizona.

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We are committed to supporting and giving back to the community we exist within.

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We are committed to supporting the sustainability of fly fishing for future generations in Arizona.

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