Make a Team or Become a Sponsor

Enter your team (2 people) and fish the tournament

    • $100/team
    • 2 Raffle Tickets

Become a sponsor

    • Bronze Tier: $100
      • 5 Raffle Tickets
      • Name on T-Shirt
    • Silver Tier: $250
      • 5 Raffle Tickets
      • Logo on Tournament T-Shirt
      • 1 Free Team Entry
    • Gold Tier: $500
      • 10 Raffle Tickets
      • Logo on Tournament T-Shirt
      • 1 Free Team Entry
      • Name Recognition on trophy/plaque at AZ Fly Show–WINNERS
    • SWAG BAG: $500
      • Each participant will receive a swag bag at check in the day of the event with event details and cool stuff from the sponsors. By being the Swag Bag sponsor you will be exclusively printed on the swag bag with the event name.

Fishing Rules

    • Fly fishing only
    • No scents, baits or chumming of any kind
    • No snagging
    • All participants must be registered and have all dues paid before registration closing date.
    • Sign up through AZ Fly Shop by visiting or calling.
    • Prices for registration is $100 for both anglers
    • 2 anglers per team. May have additional person to film but any fish they catch will not count
    • Only registered anglers can fish
    • Anglers will choose a day that works best for them. If 2 different teams choose same day. We will try and make it work or flip a coin.
    • Anglers will have 6 hours in their day to fish.
    • Anglers will be given a official mat with the official ruler
    • All fish that are caught, must be filmed by partner or helper. Second team member can’t fish while one is being filmed.
    • Filming must start immediately after the fish is hooked.
    • Footage must show, fight, landing, measuring and safe release. Once landed must show fly in fishes mouth.
    • Footage must show the official mat being used and show time stamp
    • Fish not measured on mat will not count
    • Footage showing questionable items will not count
    • Footage must show fly in carps mouth without any human interaction with fly
    • Send footage back to judges asap
    • All fish must be caught within anglers selected dates and times.
    • All proceeds will be donated to Casting For Recovery

Fish Rules

    • Winning categories, Biggest Carp(mirror, common and koi) and biggest grass carp (white amur)
    • Winning fish will be determined by overall length
    • Fish will be rounded to nearest 1/4 inch
    • Tie breakers will be determined by most fish caught or secondary, coin flip
    • Any fish not measured starting at “0” or measured incorrectly will not count.