All-inclusive guided fly fishing getaway in Cayo Romano, Cuba

April 19th – 26th, 2025

7 nights 6 days guided

$7,350 per angler

*includes 6 days guided, hotel (double occupancy), meals and drinks (specialty is extra), humanitarian fee and shuttle from Camaguey to Cayo Romano. Does not include flight and guide/hotel staff tipping.

All-inclusive lodging very close to the skiffs. 

Located on the north shore of the eastern province of Camaguey, the Cayo Romano fishery is an enormous system of flats, lagoons, and pristine estuaries. The fish are plentiful and aggressive. It is still pretty much untouched and has only seen anglers for three seasons!

Experiance exclusive fly fishing trip in Cayo Romano, Cuba

Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Mutton, Snappers, Jack Crevalle, Barracuda, and Shark

We will fly into Camaguey from Miami on April 19th and Depart April 26th

All meals provided

Cayo Romano Fly fishing Trip

A Day in Cayo Romano

The skiffs depart from Cayo Romano each morning and depending on the guide rotation that day, you may be heading to any number of areas to spend the day. From Cayo Paredon Grande in the north to Cayo Guanaja in the south, there are countless islands, lagoons, and bays that will keep anglers happy and into fish. Much of the fishing takes place back towards the mainland, in and around the massive island of Cayo Romano. The average boat run to the fishing areas is about 20 minutes in length and in some areas, you can be into fish within 5 minutes of leaving the boat docks. It just depends on where your guide wants to take you that day and what you are interested in targeting. With 50 square kilometers per boat, the options are just about limitless. There are so many great aspects to this fishery that it can truly be a sensory overload at times.

How to prepare for your time in Cayo Romano

Packing and equipment checklist includes everything a person might need for a week in Cayo Romano. This was compiled with help from several anglers with years of experiance in fishing Cayo Romano.
What to expect on your trip to Cayo Romano – Location information, trip itinerary, arrival and departure times a well as nearby airports.
See airline and airfare details and logistics into Cayo Romano

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