Az Flyshop in partnership with Marie Rio De Gigantes and is hosting a trip to Amazon, for Peacock Bass!


October 19-26, 2025 (SOLD OUT) | November 2-9, 2025

6 guided days of fishing/7 night stay | $7,980 per angler + $710 Indian Association Fee

The river area is huge, encompassing nearly a vast amount of virgin waters, boasting the largest concentration of 20-pound Peacock Bass in the World. For anglers, this translates into very real opportunities to consistently hook and release much larger-than-average Peacock Bass on the fly.

Rio Marié is proven to hold the most remarkable average size of all peacock bass fisheries currently known to the angling world. The features that set this river system apart from all others are its remoteness, the natural characteristics of the river, its intact and perfectly functioning ecosystem, and the level of protection inside a designated Indian Territory that is almost totally un-impacted by modern man.


*Cost does not include Airfare, guide tip/staff tips, and native license fees

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