Fishing Report

Silver Creek

What you need to know

At a glance

Silver Creek is a unique fishery located in Show Low, AZ. The creek is a smallish spring fed stream and is a special regulation water. From Oct. 1st to March 30th it’s catch-and-release fishng using artificial flies or lures with single barbless hooks, no bait, no scents. April through September fishing opens up to bait-fishermen and fish may be kept. Always check the most recent regulations as they can change. For the fly fisher that makes the fall and winter month interesting and the allure is that Silver Creek has a hatchery right on the property and is heavily stocked with large broodstock fish. Fish in excess of twenty inches are regulary caught during these months. Big trout with easy trail access can generate a bit of a crowd especially on fair weather days. Be prepared to share the water with friends and lend a hand by helping fellow anglers net and get that coveted trophy trout photo. The fishing can really start out with a bang on October 1st catching gets a little tougher as time goes by and the fish seem to get a little educated to the sting of a hook. Most any day though the season however, there is the possibility of landing and releasing a bruiser fish or three. It’s worth mentioning that this season due to some late summer flooding and some issues at the hatchery fewer fish and slightly smaller than average fish were stocked into Silver Creek in 2021. It is still a worthwhile destination if your looking for some bigger fish in the winter months. Pro tip, lots of flies will work a Silver Creek but for some reason red is a standout color, also try white bunny leeches and pink squirmy worms.

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Mother Nature’s Mood

What to expect

Expect temperatures in the Mid – High 80’s during the day and dropping into the low 50’s at night. Rain is likely during this time of the year, plan accordingly!

creek fly fishing
The Simms sling pack is perfect for fishing these streams. Light and maneuverable…we love this pack!
We’ve seen a lot success with dry flies like this Elk Hair Caddis.
These streams can get tight so the 7ft 3wt by Douglas may be the perfect rod for them.

Gear worth bragging about

We admit it, the gear doesn’t make the angler…but it definitely helps. The right equipment takes your day on the water from great, to great. Visit us in the shop, online, or by phone to gear up for your next trip (602) 354-8881

Check the flows before you go!

Is Fishing Good

Silver Creek

The catch and keep season started April 1st and fishing is very tough

There is a very fine line between fishing and standing next to a body of water looking like a idiot, we cannot be held responsible for whichever one you are doing, or what your friends claim you are doing.