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CliC Readers! Fly fishers love them!

Comfort & practicality

Readers are designed to fit your lifestyle and are perfect for Fly Fishers! Clics sit comfortably around your neck for easy access for the active fly fisher lifestyle. Clics conform perfectly to your face so they are always the right fit! 

Whether you are out on the water or tying flys Clics readers are the perfect addition to your fly fishing essentials

What Makes Clics Unique?

For starters… our unbelievable customer service sets us far apart from other eyewear companies. So if you’re having reservations about ordering, just go ahead and do it! We promise you won’t regret the experience or the product.

Speaking specifically to our product, the unique magic begins with our convenient magnetic front. This patented technology makes for an easy-on, easy-off motion. The adjustable temples provide you with the flexibility to find your perfect fit. And the expandable headband really helps you find your sweet spot when it comes to comfort, you’re not a one-size-fits-all type of person and neither are your CliCs.

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