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Community Member Spotlight 

Craig Adams

AZ Fly Shop is the community fly shop, we were built by the fly fishing community and we exist for the fly fishing community. Our spotlight community member for this month was the first community member to volunteer his talent and time, in an effort to help the shop become a reality. He shared my vision for a first-class fly shop in Phoenix. I have gotten to know Craig Adams over the past several years through lots of time on the water together, including an amazing trip to Alaska, where he caught all five species of salmon on the same day; earning him the nickname Grand Slamming Craig Adams. Craig is an amazing human being, full of kindness and compassion; and he is extremely fishy (in a fish-catching kind of way). He loves to share his knowledge about fly fishing and help others have success on the water.  Craig Adams is a gift to the world and the fly fishing community is blessed to have him as a member. 

-Chris Rich, AZ Fly Shop

What does fly fishing mean to you? What about fly fishing offers you most satisfaction?

Fly fishing means, the opportunity to connect with nature, to get away from the stress of everyday life, to remind me what life is really about, to share a common bond with fellow anglers, and to share time with great friends. When I was still in middle school, I started fishing every year on my birthday. Just me and the great outdoors.   Tying my own fly and catching a fish on that fly gives me great satisfaction. Spending time with good friends on the water is as good as it gets!

What does having AZ Fly Shop in the community mean to you? What do you like about AZ Fly Shop?

Having AZ Fly Shop in the community means a lot to me.  I had the wonderful opportunity to help build the shop from day one. Since I had a construction background, it was a perfect fit. I’m proud of the shop and all the wonderful things they do for our Community.  I love how the guys in the shop interact so well with the Customers and make everyone feel like family. They are all very knowledgeable and great fishermen. True ambassadors to the sport of fly fishing

Tell us your most memorable fly fishing story

Is there any advice or quotes that you feel everyone should hear?

“There’s a good reason why it’s called fishing and not catching”. Catching is simply the bonus you get from fishing. There is so much more to fishing than simply catching fish…. nature, friends, and a lot of incredible experiences you will have along the way.

Is there anything else you would like to add or share with the community?

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