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Dead Horse Ranch State Park + The Verde Valley

Located in Verde Valley, between Cottonwood and Clarkdale is the sweet spot to GO FISHING at Deadhorse Ranch State Park.
This is a beautiful state park and about 10-15 degrees cooler than Phoenix. There are 3 lagoons that are stocked by Arizona Game and Fish with Rainbow Trout. Many flies have been shown to be successful however we recommend a Black Balanced Leech and an Egg Sucking Squirrel Leech, 3-5ft under an indicator.
Plan to fish from the shore or for an added ‘adventure’ you can float it in a pontoon or float tube.
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Salt River, Arizona

This time of year Bass fishing in the Salt River is hotter than a firecracker. You can find Bass, Trout, Suckers, and Carp all eager to eat. It’s a great opportunity to float in your pontoon or small craft. You are starting at Blue Point Bridge and floating down to the Gold Field recreation area. We recommend going in groups of 3+ to leave a car for offload at Gold Field Recreation. The weather is excellent and there are significantly fewer people tubing than in the summer months. The flies you will want to have with you are Baitfish Patterns, Case Caddis, and San Juan Worms.
Ready to go? Get directions to your next fishing adventure here
Where To fish

Your Local Urban Ponds

Now is the perfect time of year to fish your local urban ponds. Game & Fish are filling ponds throughout Pheonix with trout.
Stop by the shop and visit our shop Anglers to get details about their favorite local urban ponds!

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