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Everything you need to master the craft of fly tying 

Fly tying products and education at AZ Fly Shop

Join us every Thursday night 6:15 PM – 8:30 PM for our FREE fly-tying meet up.


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Call or stop by the shop to learn more about our large inventory of fly-tying material or to request special fly-tying material. 

3254 E Cactus Rd. Phoenix, AZ, 85032.| +1 (602) 354-8881

Fly fishing fly tying Vise
Fly Tying Materials

Hairline Super AA Fly Tying Vise

Discover the versatile and durable Hareline Super AA Fly Tying Vise, designed to make your fly tying experience more efficient and enjoyable. This high-quality vise boasts a 360-degree rotating head, adjustable jaws, and a sturdy C-clamp base, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip on your hooks while you create the perfect fly.

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Peak Fishing Logo
Fly Tying Materials

Peak Fishing Rotary Vise With Pedestal Base

The Peak Fishing Fly Tying Rotary Vise is designed for optimal tying efficiency and ease of adjustment. Materials (including Stainless Steel, Brass, Tool Steel, and Aircraft Aluminum) are chosen to last a lifetime. Proudly made in the USA.

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Fly Tying Materials

Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thick

This thick UV resin allows for infinite work time but cures within seconds when exposed to one of Loon’s UV lights. The result: a perfect application with a durable, clean, and glossy finish.

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John Rohmer Arizona
Fly Tying Materials

John Rohmer Materials Arizona Simi Seal

Flies tied with Simi Seal have produced fish for anglers in waters all over the world. The material is a coarse blend of medium-length fibers of secret origin. It works great on just about every species of fish that can be found in Arizona.

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