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Lee’s Ferry 

Just down the river from Horseshoe Bend is one of the top fly fishing destinations of the Southwest: Lee’s Ferry. Along with the San Juan River in New Mexico and the Green River in Utah it makes up the Southwest’s “big three tail waters”. The Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry is most definitely a world class fly fishing travel destination.

Lee’s Ferry is often considered the crown jewel of Arizona fly fishing.

Fly fishing at Lee’s Ferry may occasionally be a challenge but fly selection is not. The wild trout at Lee’s Ferry thrive primarily on a midges, scuds, and aquatic worms with the occasional large fish keying in on small bait fish. As such, fishing zebra midges, scud patterns and San Juan worms under an indicator is a highly effective way to hook up Rainbow trout. However, don’t be afraid to swing streamers big and small in order to flush out larger piscivorous quarry.

At Lee’s try Scuds, Midge Patterns, and Streamers.

Dry fly fishing is sporadic but when things come together it can be unreal (think big Cicadas in July and August). The dries that work will often be smaller midges during a hatch or larger foam and rubber offerings that trigger that greedy fish into a reaction bite. We hope to see you out there.

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Dead Horse Ranch State Park + The Verde Valley
Located in Verde Valley, between Cottonwood and Clarkdale is the sweet spot to GO FISHING at Deadhorse Ranch State Park.
This is a beautiful state park and about 10-15 degrees cooler than Phoenix. There are 3 lagoons that are stocked by Arizona Game and Fish with Rainbow Trout. Many flies have been shown to be successful however we recommend a Black Balanced Leech and an Egg Sucking Squirrel Leech, 3-5ft under an indicator.
Plan to fish from the shore or for an added ‘adventure’ you can float it in a pontoon or float tube.
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Where To fish

Your Local Urban Ponds

It’s a great time of year to fish your local urban ponds. Game & Fish are filling ponds throughout Phoenix with trout.
Pro-Tip: Try Small Streamers for Bass, Eggs, Worms, and Headstand Flies for Carp

Stop by the shop and visit our Anglers to get details about their favorite local urban ponds!

Places to avoid this April:
Oak Creek, Salt River, Verde River

  • Water levels are high and unsafe to fish in these locations.
  • Stay safe out there and make sure to check for updates on these locations.
And yes the snow is melting…fishing is slow right now, but season is coming!!

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