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Get to the Cooler Weather!

It is prime time to head to the Arizona Mountains! The lakes and streams are starting to fish more like they typically would in their summer patterns. While all the waters in the mountains have been fishing well, a few locations have been fishing exceptionally well.

The first of these would be the upper East Verde River north of Payson. This stretch of the East Verde is regularly stocked with Gila trout and has some nice healthy fish. If you are not only looking for good fishing but searching for beautiful scenery and a family friendly location. Oak Creek would be a good option as it has some amazing scenery, good access, and a healthy population of Brown, Rainbow, and Gila trout. located next to Sedona, Oak Creek has great lodging and restaurants nearby.

If Stillwater is your game, then Big Lake has you covered. Located south of Greer AZ, Big Lake is nestled in aspen and pine trees in what we think is one of the prettiest places in the state. Big Lake has a great population of big Cutthroat and Rainbow trout. For the creeks, a 7’6” three weight rod is ideal for the limited casting room. A dry dropper set up is one of the most effective ways to fish these waters. Some of our favorite flies for this include the Stimulator, Hippie Stomper, and Chubby Chernobyl paired with Perdigons, Frenchie, and Hares Ear nymphs. It is always good to have some leech patterns as well. Some of our favorites include Simi Seal leeches and Mayer’s Mini Leech Jig.

For Stillwater, we like to strip large streamers like Galloup’s Peanut Envy and Galloup’s Dungeon. If the big stuff isn’t working, try an indicator rig with a balanced leech and zebra midge/chironomid combo. Ideal rods for these techniques would be 9’6” five and six weights.

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