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The Friendliest Fly Shop In The World

As we enter into 2024 we would like to take a moment to acknowledge our fantastic team members! Get to know our crew and as always we appreciate you acknowledging them in your social media messages and reviews online.

Chris Rich

“The tug is the drug and the bent pole is the goal! YOU BET!”

As a second generation Arizona native, my fondest childhood memories are camping and fishing along Arizona water, and at the age of 7 I picked up a fly rod and taught myself to fly fish. As an adult, I’ve had the opportunity to fly fish around the world, and my heart has always come back to the fly fishing community in Arizona. It’s allowed me to connect with a terrific group of people, and launch AZ Fly Shop. That’s why I decided to open AZ Fly Shop; to fuel the obsession of fly fishing in Arizona and to serve, and grow, the fly fishing community here.


“Somehow I’ve gotten Employee of the Month…EVERY MONTH!”

I am the full time shop pup at AZ Fly Shop! From the young age of 4 months old I have been training hard for this position to greet each and every community member that enters the shop. I love making new furry friends and getting as much attention as I can from people.

Jill Rich

“Mrs. YOU BET! I am here for the fly fishing community!”

What I love most about AZ Fly Shop is the joy it bring to the fly fishing community. I am truly amazed by the love and passion for the sport, seeing families come together on the water and share stories. My husband Chris is avid to the sport and I enjoy traveling with him and doing a little fishing along the way. Being at AZ Fly Shop is a wonderful way to experience retirement when I am not on the tennis court!

Libby Leire

“Started to be on the water…stayed for the company. “

After living all over I have settled back home in Arizona. My mom kept talking about fly fishing and taking to the shop for to get geared up for trips. After a few visits I hadn’t spent much time on the water but I knew if the people around this place were really that happy to be there it was something I wanted to be around. Happy to be in and apart of the Arizona Fly Fishing Community.

Steve Hilbert

“River running, streamer slinging, bow bouncing, fishing fanatic = Steve”

My brother-in-law introduced me to fly fishing over 50 years ago. I’ve been hooked ever since! AZ Fly Shop has become my new home since moving from SC last year. Our community is like no other, thank you all!

Grace Rich

“I’m the daughter. And yes, Calvin is the grand-dog. Oh, and we can definitely get that for you!”

I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that around the shop, but I’d say my favorite part is getting to connect and support the Arizona Fly Fishing Community. The people I get to meet are truly my passion! Making others light up with new gear, knowledge and connection to something bigger is what lights me up and brings the true joy to what AZ Fly Shop is all about.

Henry Wagy

“Don’t ever wade in the canal. Unless you have to land a carp. Then you can wade.” -Joan Wulff (probably)

Hey! My name is Henry and I love to fish. I have been fishing since I was 3 and fly fishing since I was 5, and have been in love with being outdoors ever since. While I compete for trout, I’d way rather find a random pond on google maps and try to pull a carp from it. If you want to go out and catch carp, I’m your guy, and if you want to know how to dissect pocket water and maximize fish numbers I am also your guy. My love for the outdoors is reflective of my other hobbies such as hiking, camping and skiing. I decided to work at AZFS because of how much the team is dedicated to the community and getting people into the sport. I want people to find the same joy I do in fishing, and working at a fly shop, specifically AZFS, has been a very fulfilling experience.

Marc Noble

“Think like a fish, act like a bug, fish where the fish are and you’ll do great!”

I fly fish for the solitude, quiet and beauty of where it takes me. Releasing beautiful fish is just a bonus. After two and a half decades in the flyfishing biz I still love setting folks on the patch to find their own joy. Challenging fly fishing questions I have to dig into and setting up tricky rod, reel and line rigs headed to exotic locations fires me up. Keep ’em wet!

John French

” ‘There are no bad days on the river.’ I look forward to seeing you there soon. “

I was born and raised fishing on the head waters of the Rio Grand and Conejos rivers in Colorado. The only thing more fulfilling for me in life other than the outdoors and fishing is ( FAMILY). My wife, four happily married kids, and ten grandchildren. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of the AZ Fly Shop staff. It has given me the ability to be with great people in the fly fishing community on a daily basis. I am able to help with questions and needs and share fishing stories – some are even true.

Kyle Roland

“I only fish in days that end in ‘Y’.”

I’m born and raised in Arizona. I’m an outdoor enthusiast, from an early age my passion has been fishing. Fly fishing has taken me to a lot of amazing places and connected me to a lot of great people. I really enjoy being part of the AZ Fly Shop team and Arizona fly fishing community which allows me to share my passion of fly fishing with others.

Chase Newlon

“Hey Chase, has Game and Fish stocked _______ yet?”

I work full time at Arizona Game and Fish. I love working at AZ Fly Shop because it allows me to share my knowledge with all of our customers. I grew up fly fishing in Colorado, but love the small mountain creeks and streams we have here in Arizona!

Kirk Norton

“I am a follower of Jesus Christ, disguised as a fly fisherman.”

I transplanted here 4 years ago from California and fly fishing the Eastern Sierras, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, and Hawaii. Fly fishing has been my passion for 35 years because of relationships that I’ve made. I love working with customers new to fly fishing! The AZ Fly Shop team is awesome in their giving back to the community.

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