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From the Guys:

“This was the first fly fishing trip that was made up of couples, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had on a fly fishing trip.”

From the Ladies:

“Cuba for the ladies was an opportunity to go fly fishing in a sea garden with a unique cultural experience…what we got was ALL that plus friendship, laughter and to be a part of this amazing sport our spouses love.  Each day was enhanced by the previous and “YES”, everyone caught fish!”

Cuba has become a favorite destination for many fly anglers. After taking nine couples on a week long adventure to Cuba, I can easily see why.

The water is beautiful, and fishing pressure is almost nonexistent. The only people we saw fishing were the people in our group, and everyone caught big numbers of fish on a daily basis, even when weather conditions weren’t perfect.

This was the first couples trip we have hosted, and the dynamic was fantastic. Many non-angling spouses found there way into the adventure of salt water fly fishing, and everyone had success on the water.

When the fishing day ended we all gathered at the resort and found our way into card games and fun conversations with each other. We played various games with every night, including one evening of bowling.

The food and drink was plentiful and the staff was fantastic at every level. We enjoyed an amazing Cuban experience at every turn of the trip. At the end of the trip, no one was ready for the trip to end, they all desired the fun and connections with each other to continue.

Keep you eyes open for the next couples trip we put in together, you won’t want to miss it.


2-Day Beginner Fly Fishing Course

This 2 Day Course, lead by Cinda Howard, is perfect to learn everything you need to know to start catching fish on a fly rod. We have made arrangements for participants to book cabins on site at The Ranch at South Fork or you may arrange alternative lodging. Feel free to bring non-school members for your stay over Memorial Day Weekend! Please Note: Non-registered guests at The Ranch at South Fork will be asked to not interfere with the school however can enjoy the property waters!

All stays will be from May 24-27 | 3 Night Stay

When registering for the 2-Day Beginner Fly Fishing School in the White Mountains, AZ, lunch will be included for school participants. All other meals and lodging are not included.

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