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Fly Fishing is on FIRE in the Arizona White Mountains


If you like to catch healthy trout on a fly rod, you should plan on getting to the White Mountains NOW. Both the lakes and streams are fishing go extremely well right now.

If I’m fishing on the lakes this time of year, I like to have a 10ft, 4-6wt rod for indicator fishing; and, a 9ft, 5 or 6 wt rod for some kind of sinking line. Under the indicator, it’s a a good bet to have a leach and a midge or chironomid. If I’m on the creeks, I like to fish a 7’6”(or shorter), 2-4wt rod.

Use either a dry dropper, or an indicator setup; euro style nymphing is also producing some great results. Make sure and have a variety of dry flies, including Hoppers, mini hoppers, elk hair caddis’, for your dropper, be sure have a variety of nymphs, including hare’s ear, copper John’s and pheasant tails.


Call the shop for more tips and info on fishing the White Mountains!

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